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Vertu Ti

Vertu Ti Includes Android 4.0, Costs $10,000


Got ten Gs kicking around?  Odds are you probably won’t want to spend it on Vertu’s newest handset, the Ti.  But if you’re willing, that’s exactly how much this under powered phone costs.  Nevertheless, you know just as well as I do that Vertu has never been on the bleeding...

Vertu Constellation T

Vertu Constellation T Touchscreen Smartphone


Vertu is killing it compared to its parent company, Nokia.  And to insure that the company stays relevant, and more importantly profitable, they’ve released a touchscreen version of the handset called the Constellation T. We haven’t been able to dig up an official price list, but we’re hearing that the cost...


Vertu Constellation Pure Collection: Another Over Priced Nokia Handset


Vertu, Vertu, Vertu.  The economy is in a serious slump, but I know what you’re thinking: ‘your customers are insulated from such downturn’.  And you know what, you’re probably right.  So of course, without further a due, I present another iteration of the Vertu Constellation series, the Pure Collection.  The...


Vertu’s Latest Cell Phone, The Boucheron 150, Is Egregious To Say The Least


Since Nokia’s latest Vertu phone, the Boucheron 150, took ‘1000 hours to cut its unique shape, 700 hours for the hand polish and more than 500 hours to hand build’, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a one of a kind.  And thank the freakin’ Gods, because the last thing...


Nokia Gets Egregious With The Vertu Constellation Diamond Phone


Ok, listen Nokia, or Vertu – whatever you’re calling yourself these days – stop rereleasling old phones and dubbing them ‘new’ by simply adding a diamond here, or a gold finish there.  I’m glad you have an uber expensive line of phones for the ultra rich, but your lastest, the...