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Nokia Lumia 928 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (comparison)


As you may have seen, we caught the Nokia Lumia 928 lurking around the nervously fortified GR compound. So we quickly accosted the sucker, stripped it down and made the new Windows darling show us the money. It’s an eyeful too. Our initial impression showed a speedy device, with an...

Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 (comparison)


It’s been a few weeks and so it seems the dust has settled–if only a tad–on the great Android takeover of 2013. The business of regime change is a sobering one for Cupertino’s Apple. Yet Andorid is just a tough nut to crack, and getting tougher with every update. We’re...

Samsung Galaxy S Mini_f

Rumor Mill: Samsung Galaxy S Mini Lives (pics)


Both HTC and Samsung have been enjoying much due praise and adulation of late, over their newest mobile devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are among two of the most impressive smartphones on the market today. You can sink your virtual teeth into our HTC One review...

Samsung S4 Launch Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Date April 26th…Maybe


The Samsung Galaxy S4 needs no introduction.  Pending a new Google phone, which will succeed the Nexus 4, the Galaxy S4 is the most highly anticipated Android handset coming to a carrier near you.  But the question has long remained when and who will be the first carrier to hock...


Bundle Up Your Telecom Services and Save Big


My hunt for the best telecom services and bundles is never-ending. Previously, I lived under the tyranny of Comcast for more years than I dare admit out loud. Yet in my area, if you wanted the fastest download speeds, Comcast was your best bet.  Oh but I despised their billing...

HTC One Verizon

HTC One Might Be Coming to Verizon in Late April


Mobile device manufacturer HTC has not enjoyed the notoriety or mass appeal of other companies in the same industry. Despite kicking out some “excellent” devices, HTC still remains below the usual suspects in market penetration and consumer adoption.  All that could change with the HTC One. The One was announced last...