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Samsung Alias 2 Officially Available From Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Wireless officially introduced the Samsung Alias 2 today.  Available in charcoal gray, it’s yours for $79.99 after a 2-year contract signing and $50 mail-in-rebate.  Or you can opt for a 1-year and drop $149.99 or go month-to-month and drop $259.99.  I’m still in shock that Verizon can offer the...


Gadget Leak: Motorola A4500 Handset Rears Head At FCC


Motorola isn’t exactly knocking it out of the park, at least with this pictured handset that surfaced yesterday thanks to some unearthed FCC documents.  Called the A4500, the QWERTY packing handset includes a SIM slot for those traveling abroad and an embedded CDMA chipset for the Verizon Wireless network.  There...


Gadget Leak: Nokia 7205 Intrigue Official Photos


Rumor says that the Nokia Intrigue is hitting Verizon Wireless on March 15th.  Until then (if the launch date is accurate) enjoy some press photos of the handset.  On the outside shell of the device are dedicated touch media keys, while the inside of the 7205 Intrigue is a WQVGA...


Gadget Rumor: Verizon Wireless iPhone In 2010


Take it or leave it, there are rumors floating around that Apple might be preparing an EVDO, or even LTE compatible iPhone.  In other words. Steve’s first suitor, Verizon Wireless, might be the next service provider to get the handset.  Why so?  ITExaminer sites job postings by Apple searching for...


Motorola Rapture VU30: Cell Phone Symphony


What’s in a name? Everything, it would seem, when it comes to standing out in a crowd. Meet Motorola’s Rapture Cell phone designed specifically to appeal to the fickle demands Verizon Wireless customers. ...


Verizon To Go Contract Free On September 21st


According to an insider source, Verizon is set to launch ‘contract free’ plans on September 21, 2008.  Stipulations require that you either pay for a phone in full – no subsidies – or bring your own equipment.  The user must pay an activation fee, no exceptions, and go through a...