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Motorola Droid Ultra-013

Motorola Droid Ultra Review


ost after post, comparison after comparison I bear witness to readers touting the specs of one device over the other and for that reason it should be the resounding winner if the two were to fight in a duel to the death.  It’s a misnomer and one that, to put...

Motorola Droid MAXX-0005

Motorola Droid MAXX Review


When you think of longevity, smartphones never come to mind, and for good reason. The damn things never last. A day, a day and a half at most. That’s all they have. Which is ridiculous, because the bigger ones have much larger batteries, and they almost always have worse battery life than...

Droid MAXX

Motorola Droid MAXX First Impressions


he Droid MAXX is the evolution of a simple idea, the third generation of something that was always done right: more than enough battery life for anything, even multiple-day use. Two years after the debut of the Droid Razr MAXX, the Droid MAXX is even more of a powerhouse than...

Motorola Droid Ultra-013

Motorola Droid Ultra First Impression


t’s doesn’t take a genius to see that Motorola’s Droid Ultra isn’t that much different than the Droid Maxx.  In fact, it’s largely the same phone, save for the slightly thinner body (.28″ vs .33″) thanks to the lesser battery and high gloss back covering.  But alas, just as much...

Moto X Black-2

Moto X Now Available at Verizon Wireless


The Moto X is now officially available at Verizon Wireless’ website.  Note that I said website, as word is that it won’t be available in store for the coming weeks, at least according to Gotta Be Mobile. You can nab the 4G LTE enabled handset for 200 bones with a...


Verizon Wireless to carry HTC One


Verizon Wireless customers have been waiting and waiting for the HTC One since the smartphone launched back in March. Today, a Verizon Wireless Tweet confirms the phone will be available in stores and online beginning August 22. As far as we know, the HTC One model will definitely be offered...