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Quadski: ATV + Jet Ski (video)


We’re a little bashful to post on this since it hit the blogosphere about 3.5 years ago, but we simply can’t resist a two in one vehicle.  The Quadski is an ATV and Jetski in one.  With a flick of a button it converts from a land traversing machine to...


Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart


You’d have to be an idiot to spend $52,000 on a golf cart, but that’s exactly what Garia Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart costs.  For all those greenbacks you get two-colored hand-stitched luxury seats, alcantara roof lining, opulentlly padded cup holders, an over the top LCD speedometer with battery charge...

Soda Powered RC Card

Soda Powered RC Car Looks Sweet (video)


Toys powered by water are nothing new, but cola or juice, that’s something worth doing a double take over. Takara Tomy is set to introduce a Japanese toy RC car powered by an ‘ene Bio Engine’, which uses juice, soda or any sugary drink for fuel.  The RC car’s controls...


Because You Need This: Halo R/C Vehicles


Has Halo reached its critical mass?  The next stage for Halo merchandising is this collection of R/C vehicles that will surely pique the interest of any die hard fan.  With prices ranging from $25-$35, you can get the Warthog, Mongoose, and Flying Hornet to complete your ultimate geek collection. Funny...

Ultimate Motorcycle Sidecar-1

Snaefell: The Ultimate Motorcycle Side Car


I know, I know, it doesn’t look real, but apparently some dude (François Knorreck) spent 10 years, 10,000 work hours and 15,000 Euros building the Snaefell, a motorcycle with the ultimate side car.  I was sort of hoping that the bike could detach from the side car and be independently...


Hydrorunner G3 + Scorpion Hydrogen Super Car


Their website isn’t entirely clear, but if I am reading it correctly, you retrofrit this unit to your vehicle and can increase the mileage by 75% – 125%.  The system uses hydrogen in combination with your vehicle’s preexisting source of energy.  To fill up, you simply add water and the...