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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review (PS3)

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Counter Strike has been a crazy ever present juggernaut since its inception in 1999.  Other shooter franchises come, go, and survive based on how they change things or amp everything up, but Counter Strike has been the exception to that rule keeping the game play relatively unchanged since the time...

Portal Bookends

Portal Bookends

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Got a Portal fan in the fam?  Don’t know what we’re talking about?  Portal is a PC and console video game that shot to popularity about 4 years ago thanks to its unique puzzle structure.  The game’s character must solve puzzles by teleporting objects and themselves into different rooms.  As...


Portal 2 Review


[Rating: 5] It’s been a long, long time. Three and a half years after the cult classic forever changed the internet and bred many a meme, Valve Software returns after two years of zombie bashing with science! Literally throwing players into a mix of physics tests, momentum challenges and cooperative...

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