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Netflix Vday films

20 Love Enducing Valentine’s Day Flicks on Netflix (list)


It’s Valentine’s Day and to celebrate the special day devoted to all things love, here’s a list of the Top 20 streaming romantic flicks on Netflix. So whether you take your sweetheart out to dinner or have a little something at home,  you can always end your night watching one...


Keyboard Handbag


Another just in time Valentine’s Day gift comes this eye catching keyboard purse from Portuguese artist/designer Joao Sabino.  Constructed from 393 individual keyboard keys, Jessica Chobot would rock one of these with a passion. Priced at $180, this ain’t nothing in comparison to what some women will spend on a...

Ricco Speaker Dock

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped iPod Dock By Ricco


In what has to be a tonally superior shape, this heart shaped iPod dock could save your ass this Valentine’s Day.  Encompassing your everyday dock like features, there’s not much different here. You’ve got standard iPhone and iPod compatibility coupled with your typical 3.5mm Aux input and remote control.  The...