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Deebot D77 Combines A Vacuum Robot And A Canister Vac


Ever since a cat decided to sit on one as it went about its business, humanity has fallen in love with robotic vacuum cleaners. They are, however, somewhat limited in that they’re designed to clean floors and that’s pretty much it. So Ecovacs has decided to combine the two, so...

Panasonic Hybrid Vaccuum-1

Panasonic’s New “Hybrid” Vacuum Can Suck Up A Bowling Ball


Vacuum cleaners are not exactly the “sexiest” of gadgets; while vacuum cleaner technology has steadily marched forward over the decades, it’s rarely the kind of thing you care about unless you’re a janitorial professional or a deeply boring human being. But a robot that can suck up a bowling ball?...


Dyson DC41 Review


I’ve reviewed plenty of Dyson products in the past, from the Air Multiplier, to the Hot, and then the Dyson DC39 Ball.  While all of these products were exceptional, they all slightly missed the mark of perfection.  So will the DC41 be any different?  Will it finally be the perfect...

Dyson DC26

Dyson’s DC26 Sucks The Large Out Of Itself


The Dyson Vacuum brand is loved like no other dust sucking machine.  It’s gotta be their kick ass design, which screams opulence and sophistication – who would of thought a vacuum cleaner could have done that.  Now after 5 years of R&D, Dyson has built their smallest sucker, the DC26. ...


Electrolux Readying iPod Vacuum (video)


Holy off the freaking reservation.  What kind of hooch are the R&D folks at Electrolux’s labs smoking? After performing a studying and proving that folks vacuum better to tunes – at 70bpm that is – they’ve decided to base a product off the research.  Enter the Electrolux UltraSilencer vacuum with...