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Ear Bud Design is about to be REVAMPED


The people at V-MODA always put out headset designs that are sure to blow you away (or at least turn some heads), and just like their last True Blood offering, these new REVAMP ear buds are to die for. From the sweet pendant-style mic, to the Japanese symbols found on...


V-MODA Premieres True Blood V-80 On-Ear Headphones


V-MODA is one of the premier headphone manufacturers in the world, and now they’ve partnered up with HBO to bring you the “True Blood Collection”.  These new V-80’s combine the high style that V-MODA is known for, with the dark and brooding color scheme HBO’s vampire drama.  I’ve always liked...

V-Moda Vibrato

V-Moda Vibrato Headphones


It’s been almost two years since V-Moda launched the Vibe II headphones, so it only seems fitting to update the product and keep the same form factor, right? Wrong. These are the V-Moda Vibrato earbuds and they look EXACTLY the same as the Vibe II headphones, yet V-Moda says they’ve...


V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones Keep Vinyl Alive


Vinyl records are back, didn’t you hear? Well, you can use the V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones on any device you want — but I think the LP in its name tells you what you should use them for. According to Moda, these are the “world’s most fashion-forward headphone.” I think...


V-Moda Remix Remote EarPhones For All Your Mac Stuff

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Having yet to actually enjoy a pair of V-Moda earphones, the new Remix Remote’s look like they might be worth checking out.  Designed for use with all things Mac, (iPhones, iPods, and iMac, Powerbooks, etc.) the Remix Remote’s feature a built-in mic and handy volume and track controls. Using 9mm...