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PhoneSoap Charger charging methods

PhoneSoap Charger Review


tart by saying that the inclusion of “Charger” in the name of the PhoneSoap Charger doesn’t do it credit: what we are looking at is a sanitizing device for cell phones that just so happens to include a charging component. As it does an amplification one. But make no mistake...


Germ Genie For Keyboard AntiGerm Warfare


There’s an English magazine that’s obsessed with both keyboards and toilets. It’s called Which? Magazine and it ran a study in 2008 comparing, you guessed it, toilets and keyboards. Turns out keyboards can carry five times more germs than toilet seats do, although we presume keyboard germs are less yucky....

violight cellphone sanitizer

Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer Uses UV Light To Get Clean

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How dirty is your cell phone?  Probably, absolutely filthy.  Violight, who has been cleaning toothbrushes and other bacteria infested items for sometime now, has plans for new UV sanitizing product that is large enough to fit your cell phone. Just jam it into it’s confines, hit a button and using...