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Stirio Keeps Things Moving In The Kitchen


If you cook at all, you often discover that you’re in need of a third hand. And there are many different ways you can get that third hand, but the Stirio in particular stands out as a useful way to get things moving in the kitchen, especially if you need...


Get Out Of The Woods With FireKnife Survival Knife

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If you’re a nerd like me, you like to be prepared. I have three multitools on my keychain that do everything from pull nails to pop bottles, and I’m always looking for the next addition to my set of tools. Fortunately for me, you can’t hang a FireKnife off a...

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The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Is Built For The Living Room

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Increasingly, we’re bringing our PCs into the living room. Whether you’re hooking up a home-made Steam Box for gaming, or just find it easier to use a PC to play back streaming video, you’re probably looking into getting a keyboard. Logitech would like to make your choice a little easier....


iPad Cutting Board Serves Apple With Your Cheeses


When it comes to kitchen gadgets, you really need to focus on items that offer more than just one function. There’s very little, for example, that you can’t achieve in the kitchen with a good chef’s knife. But sometimes you have to consider tricking your friends as a separate purpose,...


Add-A-Lock: Extra Security In Your Pocket


If you travel a lot, you’ve probably gotten your stuff stolen from a hotel room. Or, if you go home to visit your parents every Christmas, you’ve experienced the sheer pain that is Mom and Dad forgetting you’re not eight and just barging in. But with Add-A-Lock, you can get...


Meet The Mug That Gives You A Precise Temperature


There’s always that one guy in the office who has to get his coffee exactly right. Everybody knows this guy. He shows up to work fifteen minutes early but isn’t on the clock, because he needs the time to get his cup of coffee exactly right. He fusses with precision...