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Mega ExpressCard USB Port

Express Card 5 Port USB Hub


Lack of USB ports cramping your style?  Area-Power’s Mega USB 2.0 Express converts any ExpressCard slot into a 5 port USB hub.  It’s a bit on the chunky side, but it sure beats snaking yet another set of cords to your computer and negating its would be portability.  The only...

7 port usb hub

A 7-port USB Hub With Articulating Arms


This most certainly isn’t the first cylindrical USB hub that we’ve seen, but it’s the first to sport a set of arms that can rotate 90 degrees to point upward or outward.  You can grab this 7 port USB hub for $15 not including shipping. Read...

iPhone plug with USB Hub

USB Hub With Built-in iPod Plug


Although I’m not remotely religious: praise the freakin’ Lord!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unplugged another USB gadget on my Macbook Pro to plug in my iPhone or iPod Shuffle.  If you’ve got the same laptop then you know what I’m talking about – 2 USB inputs...


A 49 Port USB Hub And It’s Not April


Seriously?  Really?  Who the ‘F’ needs a 49 port USB hub?  In any event, Cambrionix, its maker thinks someone does.  Perhaps a family of 7 who each have 7 USB devices, such as an MP3 player, cell phone – you get the point.  At least they’ve tossed in an external...


Lacie Intros Core4 And Core7 USB Hubs


USB hubs have always been about convenience, but until recent none have been quite so versatile as the Lacie Core4 and Core7 with design from Sam Hecht. The Core4 features 4 USB ports and a mini USB plug for attaching cameras and other mobile devices.  Thanks to Hect’s innovative design,...


Darth Vader USB Hub


For just under $100 it might be a bit excessive for a USB hub, but who can put a price on nostalgia. The Darth Vader USB Hub features 4 ports and more  importantly the sounds effect of the Sith Lord’s breathing apparatus.  It’ll move, or do something every 3 minutes...