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Satechi USB Hub-0344

Satechi 7 Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub Review


USB 3.0 hubs are expensive and generally hard to come by. USB 3.0 is still in its infancy, though the significantly faster data transfer port is in every new computer you can buy today. At 5GB/s, it’s over ten times as fast as USB 2.0 and still supports the older...

AhnLab V3 Click

AhnLab V3 Click Review

There’s a lot of programs to help PC owners overcome viruses and other forms of malicious online attacks.  But many PC users just don’t bother to install anything and hope they won’t be targeted. Into this void comes the V3 Click. Shaped like a hockey puck, its design insures that...


Velocity Micro VMultra: 500GB HDD, SD Card Reader, USB HUB and DVD Burner All-in-one


We’ve been searching for the ultimate Macbook Pro 13-inch with Retina accessories, and none probably fit the bill better than Velocity Micro’s VMultra. The VMultra all-in-one device connects to your computer by way of USB 3.0 port (no word on if it’s compatible with USB 2.0) and expands your laptop, or netbook’s utility a...

Aviiq Portable Charging Station-2

Aviiq Portable Charging Station Now Includes a Battery for On-the-go Charging


Owners of portable devices – the emphasis is on the plural – often means a rat’s nest of cords and plugs, save for anyone that owns everything iOS.  And even then, there is a good chance you carry more than just one wall plug and USB cord.  Especially if you...

Pig USB Hub

Pig USB Hub


USB hubs are pretty common place.  However, very few achieve “form meets function.”  The Pig Buddies is an adorably cute USB hub.  And while we’re sure you’ve figured it out, we feel inclined to tell you that the baby pigs act as a thumb drive, while the momma pig is...

Unitek USB 3.0 4 port usb hub

Unitek USB 3.0 4-port USB Hub, Just In Case You Run Out


At this point in the USB 3.0 game we’re pretty confident no one has yet to run out of ports – the tech just hasn’t been adopted widely enough yet.   But just in case you wanna get ahead of the curve and don’t want another antiquated piece of tech on...

Win-Star USB Hub

Win-Stars 10 Port USB Hub


Resembling a popular retro gaming console, the Win-Stars 10 Port USB Hub is a 2.0 backwards compatible hub with a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps.  Using a 5V/2A power adapter, the hub is capable of working with Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X or later. Available in...


Chicken Burger USB Hub


Stupid product of the week definitely goes to this Chicken Burger USB Hub.  I really have nothing against Chicken Burgers and in fact, I love everything they represent.  The thing is, I’d never want to temp myself by having some chicken burger replica sitting by my computer staring me in...


Sanwa 400-HUB009 12-Port USB 2.0 Hub Ain’t No Slouch


For those of us out there daisy-chaining USB hubs because one is never enough, Sanwa has produced a 12-port beauty that will satisfy any USB junkie. The 400-HUB009 should have the most inputs you’d ever need.  What you will need is a cord tethering system for this hub given its...


Generic USB Hub With Card Reader And Thermometer Looks A Bit Like A Midget’s Stapler


While it may look a little frumpy, it also looks pretty cool, especially for $12.  Featuring three rotary 2.0 compatible USB inputs, it also sports a multi-card reader(MS/M2/SD/SDHC/MicroSD), and a fahrenheit thermometer. What temperature does it measure though?  The room it’s in or the heat of the actual hub?  Useful? ...


Elecom’s Wall Socket USB Hub Includes A Magnetic Back For Sticking It Places


While the Elecom U2H-TC410B Wall Socket USB Hub is far from being the world’s most innovative it is a slick looking and features a magnetic backing allowing you to stick it to anything metal; perfect if you’ve got one of those old school metal desks.  You can grab one now...