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Corsair Voyager Air

Corsair Voyager Air 1Tb Wireless Media Hub Review


Just last week I mentioned many of the changes happening at Corsair. The company has been busy making very interesting strategic moves. New business level acquisitions will see the company peppered with a new line of audio devices, undoubtedly. Continuing to branch out into uncharted territory, Corsair has sent us...


CloudFTP Turns Any USB Storage Device Wireless

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Seagate’s wireless hard drive has only been around for a few months, and the rug has already been pulled out from under them.  What are we talking about?  Seagate’s GoFlex Wireless hard drive is targeted at iPad and iPhone users who are challenged with capacity caps on their devices.  This...


Gadget Rumor: Nintendo Wii USB Hard Drive


According to reports, the Wii will be getting a huge storage bump in the form of a dual 32GB or 64GB USB external hard drive. If the rumors are true, the storage unit will connect to the two rear USB ports and fit flush to become an “extension” of the...