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G.I. Joe USB Flash Drives from Mimobot (pics)


The 80s were a time for imagination.  Sure, the NES arrived in 1984, but that didn’t stop us from running around outside or playing with actual physical toys.  It was a magical time that kids today will unfortunately never have the luxury of experiencing.  If you’re one of these kids,...


Voltron USB Flash Drive


Form USB storage! Tech nerds of a certain age probably have fond memories of Voltron, the other transforming robot show that well, wasn’t Transformers. Now you can relive those memories with the Voltron USB Stick. The 3.5-inch figure includes a light-up chest, 2GB storage, and a remastered episode of the...


The FleshDrive Brings You Adult Entertainment On The Go


Finally, a marriage of two of the biggest industries out there, the tech industry and the adult one, has arrived with the FleshDrive. The FleshDrive is a USB drive preloaded with 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB of adult entertainment videos, starting at just $39.95. Their website, which I won’t be linking...


Show Your Inner Punk With The Doc Martens USB Drive


Well known by punks and other anti-authority figures, Doctor Marten’s Boots (or Doc Martens for short) have been fashion staples for decades. Now, thhe company is celebrating their 50th anniverary with this limited edition USB Drive. It’s got 2GB of storage (and a lot of attitude), and will set you...


SanDisk Unveils A Super Small Flash Drive


SanDisk has unveiled one of the world’s smallest flash drives, and certainly the smallest I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure they can take the title of “world’s smallest”, but it’s awfully close. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade is the size of a paper clip and weighs as much as a penny....


A-Data’s N909 Flash Drive Uses E-SATA For Super Speeds


A-DATA’s new N909 Flash Drive has got a leg up on other USB Drives, thanks to its utilizing the combined USB + eSATA connection that most new laptops have. It allows for up to 90MB/sec (read) and 50MB/sec (write) speeds, though it’s also compatible with regular USB 2.0 drives as...


Concrete USB Drive Brings Some Physicality To Bytes


Sure, we all know a gigabyte is a lot of storage, especially looking back to what we used to have. Since it’s all digital data, though, it’s still a pretty intangible thing to conceptualize. Well, here’s something a little more concrete (pun totally intended). This concrete USB drive weights as...


SanDisk’s Licensed Xbox 360 Thumb Drive Has Finally Arrived


Last month, Microsoft brought some long-awaited USB storage support to the Xbox 360 via a system update. At the time, SanDisk announced a licensed version of their ever popular USB thumb drives to coincide with the update. Well it’s been over a month later, but the Xbox 360 USB Flash...