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Channel Master DVR+ main

Channel Master DVR+ Review


used to have a Replay unit in the early 90’s for recording TV shows  — it was clunky and the hard drive was noisy but it worked. To record shows today you have to depend on a digital recorder being built into a cable box/satellite receiver. That not only keeps...

Lacie PetiteKey-2

Lacie PetiteKey Thumb Drive Belongs on Your Keys


Over the year’s we can’t even begin to tell you how many press releases we’ve received by way of a thumb drive.  CES is probably the biggest contributor to this unsolicited and unofficial collection.  However, every time we need a thumb drive we just can’t seem to find one.  And...

Victorinox Drive

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocketknife USB 2.0/eSATA II Flash Drive

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The popular pocketknife is getting a digital makeover! The Victorinox Swiss Army knife will feature a 1TB combo USB 2.0/eSATA II flash drive and be available in either black or red finishes. The digital pocketknife will also come in two body styles— one with a scissor and knife, and a...


Victorinox Secure USB Drive And Swiss Army Knife


Available next month, Victorinox is releasing their new USB Drive Swiss Army Knives.  Appropriately called the Victorinox Secure Pro, they will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models.  Using Victorianox’s proprietary Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology, the drives are virtually un-hackable.  As an extra security precaution, there’s also a...

national geographic hard drive

National Geographic Hard Drive Gives You Entire Archive And Then Some!


I know what you’re thinking–that may be one of the most specific gadgets ever made, but I assure you it exists.  If you’ve ever spent any time rummaging through the many issues National Geographic has put out over the years, then I’m about to give you a massive nostalgia overload....


Sink Your Teeth Into The New Beatles Catalog On A Limited Edition Apple Shaped USB Drive


Suffice to say it’s been a ripe year for Beatles fans.  With all the other Beatles stuff to buy comes along this Limited Edition Beatles Catalog stored on a Apple Shaped USB Flash Drive from EMI and Apple Corps. Available now for pre-order, this $280 set has 16GB’s of re-mastered...