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Tanto Headphones

Win a Pair of UrbanEars TANTO Headphones from GadgetReview


GadgetReview is giving away a pair of UrbanEars TANTO headphones ($40 value), to ONE lucky winner! UrbanEars TANTO headphones come in a variety of colors (to say the least).  They’re lightweight and portable, but that doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed on sound quality.  Included is a fabric cord to minimize tangling, as well as an...

The Minor Annoucement

Marshall Teases Us Again, This Time With Minor Earbuds


A few weeks ago Marshall showed us a teaser image of their upcoming headphones.  This week they’ve made us privy to a new set called The Minor, a pair of in ear buds.  Unfortunately, they’re just a rebranded version of UrbanEar’s Medis earbuds complete with their Earclick technology.  So now...

All 3 Headphones Oct 22, 2010 1-34 PM

3 Reasonably Priced Headphones For The Gym Compared

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If you spend any amount of time running, lifting or biking then you know music is paramount to a successful workout. But there is nothing worse than your earbuds lunging out of your ears mid stride let alone shite sound quality. We took a look at three reasonably priced buds...