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4 Questions Answered About Android Kit-Kat 4.4.3 (list)


Android Kit-Kat is a great operating system in some respects… but in others, it could use some work. There are plenty of bugs to squash and ideas to test. So what’s making it to release, and what will Android users have to struggle with? 1. Who’s Getting It? First of...


Android Kit-Kat: Are You Getting It? And When?

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Yesterday, Google announced an update to Android to 4.4, named Kit-Kat because they were running out of generic terms for desserts. But not everybody is getting Kit-Kat, and not everybody is getting it at the same time. Here’s who’s left out, and who will get the new stuff. No Candy...

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Google Brings The Best Of Waze To Maps


When Google bought Waze, there was a profound hubbub among commuters who use the social app to find the best route to work, dodge accidents, and otherwise make the rest of us jealous that we’re still stuck on the Interstate, it was loudly wondered if the app was going to...


Kin One & Two Get System Updates This July


So the Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two have been out for a few weeks now, and I still see ads for the devices all the time on TV, so Microsoft is putting a lot of money into promoting their social network phones. Users should be happy to hear, then,...

Apple TV 3.0

Apple TV 3.0 Has Arrived


If you haven’t hacked the crap out of your Apple TV then you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple issued an update for the small and slender box, Apple TV 3.0.  While recording TV shows is still devoid from the units capabilities, users will enjoy the new features including iTunes...


iPhone 3.0 Software Biggest And Best


So what does Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 offer?  Check it: Push notification for applications.  That means you can get an IM and not have the app running.  Sweet and finally Copy and paste.  Double tap on some text and you’ll get a pop up for ‘cut, copy or paste.’  Double...


Gadget Leak: Samsung Propel Pro


Usually devices that receive updates are highly anticipated and garner a shit load of attention.  Guess Samsung overlooked those two factors when producing the Samsung Propel Pro.  Yup, it’s an updated and semi-refreshed version of the Propel we saw launch on AT&T in late November 2008.  Updates includes an optical...