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Star Cell Phone

Fugly Star Shaped Cell Phone


What will surely be the perfect compliment to the motor home in your life is the STAR-Lady’s Phone.  God awful ugly, heck even fugly doesn’t do this piece of kit justice.  But looks aside, it has a half way decent feature set that includes a 1.8-inch QVGA touchscreen, 2GB of...


Is iPhone Jailbreaking Heading To An End?


According to reports, the next batch of iPhone 3GS to hit stores will be far more difficult, if not impossible to Jailbreak.  Sad news, I know, but there is always hope.  And for those of you that are still considering updating the iPhone’s software but haven’t, and of course would...


iPhone 3G Unlocked By Hackers


Rejoice all you non-AT&T people, the iPhone 3G has been unlocked by a team of hackers known as the Dev-Team. Codenamed "Yellowsnow" aka "you have been officially pissed on, Apple", this hack allows the phone to be used on any other supported network a la T-Mobile....