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The Ray Super Remote: A Universal Remote to End Them All


If you’re looking for an alternative to the Logitech Harmony universal remotes that brings something new to the table, check out the Ray Super Remote, a universal remote that has a smartphone app interface (without the necessity to use your smartphone). The Ray Super Remote actually looks very similar to...


Ten Bucks Gets You A Universal Remote On Your iPhone (video)


Universal Remotes, like Logitech’s Harmony One, are awesome. But they’re also expensive. Which makes this $10 iPhone dongle that turns your phone into a universal remote very very enticing. Available from Ryz Media, simply download a free app called My TV Remote from the App Store, purchase a $10 dongle...


Powerplus Solar Remote Control

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Replacing batteries on my remote controls is something I rarely do.  I still have the original AA’s in my Onkyo Amp remote from 2004.  For those who want to totally abandon all batteries in their living room, the Powerplus Solar Remote Control can be yours for the taking. The remote...

Click Remote

Clicker Beer Remote Control

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A fresh new show will never be too far out of reach thanks to the Clicker Universal Remote.  With that said, nor will a freshly cracked brew.  Yup, this universal remote has a bottle opener lodged in its side.  But you didn’t need me to tell you that.  What you...

PowerA Universal Remote Case - 1

PowerA iPhone Universal Remote Case Review

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PowerA has been kicking it on the iPhone block for a while, but a few weeks ago they launched their Universal Remote (Control) Case for the iPhone.  It’s not the first of it’s type to accomplish this feat, but one of the few that works almost right out of the...