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Fish List

11 Devices That Will Transform You Into a Fish (list)


If you’re stuck in an area of the country that’s currently having a harsh winter, then you’re probably dreaming about summer and a tropical getaway in a much warmer climate. You’d probably trade in your snow boots and snow shovel for swim shorts and some snorkeling gear, right? Well, to...


The Platypus: A Boat That Half-Sinks


As a rule, boats are not supposed to go under the water. Generally, that’s when they become “wrecks.” But it turns out that some boats can, in fact, be engineered to take you on an underwater ride, like, for example, the Platypus, a catamaran that can swing you beneath the...


TAT7 iPhone Case (video)


The iPhone, and smartphones alike, have all but negated the need to carry around a simple point and shoot camera.  However, head to the Great Barrier Reef for a scuba exploration and you’ll want one of those waterproof cameras to capture the coral, fish and whatever other creatures lay beneath...

Underwater Bedroom-1

Underwater Bedroom is Yours to Rent


Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe this underwater bedroom.  It’s a stunning display of not only engineering, but nature, and a very rare glimpse at that – something we all take for granted.  But with the right amount of cash, presumably a sh*t load of it, you can sleep in this bedroom...

Bladefish Sea jet

BladeFish Seajet: A Personal Underwater Motor


Still trying to find that product to compliment the Liquid Image Scuba diving mask?  Look no further.  The BladeFish Seajet is a personal lightweight rechargeable sea scooter that can propel you up to 4.2kmh, or about 2.2mph.  Yeah, the speed is a bit slow, but instead of kicking and flailing...


Thanko Bone Conduction UnderWaterProof Earphones


Bone conduction seems to be of all the rage these days when talking about submersible earphones.  I had a bland experience with the Finis SwiMP3’s and feel that music underwater has yet to be truly conquered. Thanko of Japan has just announced the new EMP-708LITE Vonia earphones that use bone...


Fun With Thanko: The USB Underwater Digital Camera


Oh Thanko…have I told you lately that I love you…r insane brand of gadget lunacy? The boys and girls out at Thanko have truly done it again.  They’re offering up a waterproof USB camera that will remain waterproof up to 20 meters deep, which is approximately sixty feet. It’s got...


Finis SwiMP3 “Bone Conduction” Underwater EarPhones Review


Having previously reviewed a few underwater MP3 solutions it was clear to me what I expected from the Finis SwiMP3.  While other incarnations of submersible MP3 players had issues with water always getting in your ears disrupting the flow of sound, the SwiMP3 player had to eliminate that in order...