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KAZbrella Closes the Right Way, and Your Umbrella is Wrong


It may sound strange, but it’s been a long time since someone decided to reinvent the umbrella. We’ve had different materials, different fashions, and different sizes hit the market, but nothing that literally turns the umbrella upside like the Kazbrella, a creation of Jenan Kazim. Make no mistake, when fully...


Polite Umbrella Morphs Upon Yank (video)


If you’ve ever side swiped some one’s cornea with the tip of your umbrella – ya, I’m talking about eye gouging – then you might wanna consider the Polite Umbrella.  Yanking the lower part of the handle causes the umbrella to shrink to a more crowd pleasing size, all the...


Lightsabre Umbrella Will Ward Of Sith Lords And Hit & Runs


Sure, the Lightsaber Umbrella looks totally impractical, but consider this: it’s a rainy and dark night and you’re crossing the street.   The approaching cars can’t see you in  your all black outfit, that is until you flip the switch and light up the umbrella’s LED illuminated shaft.  It takes 3...


Umbrellas That Transform When They Get Wet


Let there be rain! Yup, that's something you don't hear most people saying unless of course they live in a drought infested part of the world. London design company, Squid London, produced just 100 of these umbrellas that transform when they get wet [...]...

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