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Vizio 2015 4K TVs Start at $600 for Affordable Ultra HD


While everyone agrees that 4K TVs are the next big thing in high definition, most consumers take one look at prices and then back away slowly – paying several thousand dollars for even the low-end 4K models was a tough sell. We were promised that prices would improve shortly, and...

Only $40,000!

Best 4K Ultra HDTV Sales for Christmas

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Although 4K Ultra HDTVs aren’t by any means mainstream, you can still snag solid deals on them, especially from budget-minded manufacturers. At a glance, Seiki is best-known for sub-$200 32-inch LED TVs, but their inexpensive sets now extend into the 4K resolution realm. Below we’ve found two sets worth considering...


Samsung’s 85-inch S9 Ultra HDTV Price Revealed


If you’ve got an extra $38,000 lying around, we’ve got a TV for you! At CES last week, Samsung unveiled a giant 85-inch S9 Ultra HDTV that’s currently available for pre-order in Korea. There’s no word on when it will be available in the United States (or how much it...