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Uber Testing Driverless Car Technology in Pittsburgh


Uber doesn’t want to see self-driving cars as urban competition – on the contrary, the on-demand taxi app service is eager to adopt autonomous driving technologies itself (and perhaps get rid of all those pesky problems that come with using real human beings). Now the company is taking a real...

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Uber Adds Optimus Prime To Its Fleet


Optimus Prime is pretty busy these days. Not only will the Transformer be starring in this summer’s new movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” (due out June 27th) but the Autobot will also be hard at work picking up Uber drivers. Uber users in Dallas, Phoenix and LA will can hitch...


Now You Can Split The Tab With Friends When Using Uber


Sharing a ride with friends has never been easier since Uber has recently introduced fare splitting for multiple passengers, making it it cheaper on your wallet when traveling with your pals. The car-ehailing service has become extremely popular and the new features will be included in the next iPhone and...