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Panasonic Me550 and 560 TVs

Panasonic Launches New Portable 5-inch Waterproof TVs, ME550 and ME650


For years, Japan has had small, portable TVs that entertained people on the go way before smartphones, iPods, and tablets even existed. Apparently, they’re popular enough for new models to still be made, as Panasonic recently unveiled two new TVs for consumers. The ME550 and ME650s are 5-inch, 480×272 resolution...


Samsung Intros 850 PAVV Plasma That’s Just 1-inch Thick


While most TV manufacturers are running to the hills in fear of ‘plasma’, today Samsung has further embraced the display technology with the introduction of the 850 PAVV 50-inch plasma TV.  The real story here is the set’s thickness, just 29mm (1.14-inches), but that doesn’t mean they’ve comprised on picture...


Motorized TV Mount Will Make Your Head Spin


Here’s something every rich person should have: a flat panel TV embedded in the wall on a motorized, rotating mount.  This particular unit can be controlled via a Creston touchscreen remote and includes a Kaleidoscope media server for all the streaming movies you could ever wish for. When the TV...

Mitsubishi Laservue 65-inch DLP TV Price Announced


When Mitsubishi unveiled their Laservue TVs earlier this year the only thing left to wonder was the potentially astronomical price. On Monday the electronics manufacturer made the 65-incher’s price public, $7,000. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce the price of the 73-inch box, which I’m guessing will be almost double, if not...