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spin remote 1

The Spin Remote Lets You Control Everything With A Twist


If there’s one control scheme that has a surprising amount of nostalgia around it, it’s the dial. People love dials; they may never use them anymore, but that’s only because the button is easier to program for in the digital age. But, some people miss the dial so much, they’re...

PlayStation Vue

Introducing PlayStation Vue: TV for Your PS4 or PS3 Without a Cable Sub


If you’re into the idea of being a cordcutter like I am, then the newly announced PlayStation Vue app for the PS4 and PS3 is likely going to be for you. The Vue is a new cloud-based TV service that “reinvents” the television experience. The service uses the cloud to combine...

Fire TV Stick Hero

Amazon Fire TV Stick Costs $39, Aims to Compete with the Chromecast and Roku TV


The Chromecast rocked.  Noticed my use of past tense?  Why?  My Chromecast is barely useable now.  Perhaps it’s only fair to say that my home’s WiFi may be responsible.  However, no other wireless products in my home struggle like the Chromecast.  That in mind, videos are slow to load and...

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Review


Free TV is the best TV. That’s what I think and if you disagree, then you had better roll up your shirt sleeves and prepare to rumble. And don’t give me that “this app lets me watch TV when I want it for a few dollars” either — time-shifting is...


LG’s OLED 4K Ultra HD TV Is A Game-Changer


HDTV came and went. 4K is now here, but it’s not enough. As good as all that has come before has been, OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is better. Because on a technical level, this film of organic compound providing an emissive electroluminescent layer can be thinner and lighter than...


Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Reach New Low of $150


Want a sleek, compact form factor Media PC? A common starting point is a Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190, and today you can grab one straight from the manufacturer for a lowest ever price of only $150 after coupon EARLYQ190. For faster drive transfer rates, boots, game loads, and more, the 256GB...


The SunBriteTV SB-3214HD 32” Pro Series Direct Sun Outdoor TV Excels When The Sun Shines


HDTVs have to do all kinds of things – from providing a high resolution image so football and other sports look good to baby-sitting the kids by playing Blu-ray or DVDs. But take the TV outside and two things become a necessity: that it doesn’t get infiltrated by dust or...


LG LAB540W 4.1 Ch 320W SoundPlate Review


The whole idea behind a “sound table” is to provide convenient amplified sound from the television or any video device that is playing on it. But to integrate as the audio system of a home theater, this “sound table” needs to do more than just cram speakers and electronics into...


Vizio S2121w-D0 2.1 Sound Stand Review


Pedestal type sound stands aren’t new — they’ve been offered as alternatives to audio systems and, more recently, sound bars for a number of years. That Vizio feels that a 2.1 sound system that can be placed under a television set has value tells you something — after all the...

Vizo 42 main

Vizio M422i 42″ M-Series Smart LED HDTV Review

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or quite some time the 42″ flat panel TV was the default — in much the same way as the 19″ color TV had held sway. The reasons for this at the time involved cost — 42 inches was considered “big” and the scramble was on to make the price...

HBO Go Apple TV

4 Apple TV Rumors You Can Sink Your Teeth Into: Features, Functions and Release Date (list)


As the blogosphere and Wall Street clamor over the snippets of “news” leaking out about plans for the iPhone 6 and “iWatch” wearable, both of which are expected to be big sellers, one of Apple’s most successful products has been overlooked. The Apple TV isn’t as public as the other...