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Pyle PLTTB8UI Classic Vinyl Turntable front open iPod dock

Pyle PLTTB8UI Classic Vinyl Turntable Review


Vinyl records are making a comeback — especially among the “Indie”  small record companies. The records are from both the lesser known as well the well known artists. Certainly vinyl isn’t as big as it once was, but playing it does require a record player. Heck, if you still have...

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The Oval USB Turntable Is One Slickly Designed Record Player


So you want to get the CD/Vinyl hybrid, but don’t have a record player? Enter the Oval USB Turntable from Crosley. This stylishly designed turntable features a nice protective cover, 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM playback of 7″ and 12″ vinyl, USB power, and the ability to easily digitize...


Think Geek’s Briefcase Turntable


Coming soon to an OK GO! video near you, this Briefcase Turntable from Think Geek has got to be the smallest USB vinyl converter we’ve seen yet.  Priced at only $70, the turntable has a set of built in speakers and the actual briefcase is wrapped in vinyl.  It uses...

Carhartt Turntable

Carhartt Portable Turntable

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Last I checked Carhartt was in the tough man clothing business.  But it turns out they’re getting trendy, really trendy.   They’ve now teamed up with Vestax to produce a portable turntable, you know, the thing that plays those vinyl discs. They claim that it can operate at a 90 degree...