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Hit The Golf Course In The Mini-Tumbler Batcart


If Batman played golf, he’d probably show up on the back nine in this Mini-Tumbler Batcart! It’s a golf cart made to look like Batman’s Tumbler made by Macr Irvin of Marc’s Creation company for the movie director/producer Ray Griggs. The customized cart has actually been seen driving around movie...

Batman Tumbler

Movie Masterpiece Batmobile The Tumbler


“Rise of the Dark Knight,” the latest Batman movie, will release this summer.  And with toy fair coming to a close we weren’t too surprised to see a whole slew of Batman inspired toys.  In fact, we built a whole gallery around them which you can see here.  However, we...


Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

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This is the Dark Night of golf carts.  It was spotted on the lot of Warner Bros and does not belong to director Christopher Nolan, who directed the last two Batman films.  In fact, it’s just some die hard Batman fan with money to burn – that means it’s a...


Batman Tumbler Go-Kart (video)

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If you still can’t afford to build your very own replica Batman Tumbler vehicle than I’m sorry to say you’re shit out of luck. But if you happen to own a go-cart and posses the desire to craft what appears to be a to scale version then head on over...