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GorillaMobile iPhone 4

Joby Gorillamobile iPhone 4 Tripod System


My week just wouldn’t be complete without some sort of announcement from Joby.  Yes, they’re on a product release tear and today they’ve launched the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4.  It’s got all the Joby fanglings you’ve come to expect and includes a rubber case with built-in rail system that makes...

Gorillapod Video

Joby Gorillapod Video

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You’ve gotta hand it to Joby.  They’ve built an entire company on just one product.  Essentially they’ve issued small updates or iterations of their popular backpack sized tripod.  Past products have included a flash light, a version for the bike, a version for DSLRs and others. So it comes as...


The Hatcam Should Be Renamed To The Crashcam


The Hatcam isn’t exactly what we’d deem as genius, but for those of you looking for some first person perspective on the cheap for all your wicked and wild stunts than this is probably the best answer.  Don’t blame us, though, if you crash and burn because you can’t see...


Digidude Mini Tripod Eats Hello Kitty For Breakfast


Name aside, the Digidudes will surely prove helpful.  Sure, they’re a bit on the gimmicky side, but how many times have you been out and about and realized you need a portable tripod to achieve that perfect shot.  The almost keyring sized device hides a mini collapsible tripod.  Just unscrew...

self leveling tripod mount

Self Leveling Tripod Mount


Where there is laziness there is a product, or in our case a gadget.  The Acadalus is a self-leveling tripod mount.  Meaning you can forget about the bubble level and futzing with those tripod knobs.  Using a built-in inclinometer and a set of motors it automatically adjusts the camera’s position...

Joby Bike

Joby Gorillapod Bike


In attempt to garner some press – it’s clearly working – Joby, the folks that make those bendy tripods, replaced part of a bicycle’s frame with their metal ball-and-socket tripod legs.  As you can see, they also replaced the handle bars, which it ain’t a half bad idea, that is...


GorillaMobile: Joby’s Tripod For Mobile Devices

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Don’t confuse Joby’s newest tripod, the Gorillamobile with the International calling service.  Although, both products do have a lot to do with phones.  Much like all of Joby’s previous tripods it uses the same ball-and-socket legs that can be wrapped around just about any surface (or pole) allowing you to...