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Triple Barrel Shotgun-1

Check Out This Triple Barrel Shotgun with Removable Stock (video)

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Traditionally speaking shoguns are single or double barrel. ┬áNeedless to say, a close range shot can leave a gaping hole in anything that gets in your way, be it a door or, well, a person. ┬áSo if you end up on the wrong side of one, it’s best to just...

Triple Barrel Handgun

Three Barrel Handgun is Designed for Taking Out Triple Threats – We’re not Talking Singing, Dancing and Acting (pics)

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Putting down an assailant can happen in a number of ways. But you probably didn’t think of using a three barreled hand gun, now did you? This revolver is a of a Spanish descent, but to be candid no one knows its exact history or origin. There are a total...