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Sigmo Is A Handy Language Translator In The Palm Of Your Hand


Anybody who travels regularly knows the pain of needing to communicate in a foreign tongue. It’s both tactless and unreasonable to expect that everybody knows English in a foreign country, so you’ve got to drag along a phrase book or take a language class, and hope whoever you’re talking to...


Get Your Rest While You Travel With The NapAnywhere


  Sometimes it’s hard to catch up on your rest while you travel because of annoying positions that don’t allow you to get comfy. Well with the Kickstarter NapAnywhere campaign, now you can! The portable head-support pillow is created by a doctor and is made to make your traveling adventures...

rise and hang bag

Pack Wisely With The Rise & Hang Weekender Bag


Get ready for your summer adventures with the Rise & Hang Weekender Bag that will take all the troubles and hassles out of packing! While you can use your old gym bag, nothing beats the the pros that the unique weekender bag has to offer. Since the first thing you...

Shake Bag

The Shake Bag Automatically Removes Sand


This handy beach bag eschews the traditional tote by offering a special flap that removes unwanted sand.  How? You see, the bottom of the bag features a mesh/netting interior base that allows collected sand to passed into a reservoir    And that reservoir can be emptied simply by releasing the flap.  And while...

Sand Stop Beach Mat

This Beach Mat Automatically Filters Sand Out


The beach should be filled with fun, sun, and most importantly relaxation.  But that might prove a bit tough if your beach towel is caked in sand.  Which somehow always manages to find its way into the most uncomfortable regions of your body.  And unless you’re laying flat-out on the...