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The CalypsoTag Is A Smarter Way To Tag Your Luggage


Frequent travelers and casual ones alike often find themselves dealing with lost luggage. Sometimes it’s at the wrong gate, sometimes it’s been stolen, sometimes it’s been shipped across the world on a magical journey that will not end until well after you’ve bought entirely new stuff just so you have...

Floating Hotel

Sleep Under The Sea On Floating Hotel


Those who like to take extraordinary vacations (and have the funds to back it up) will want to book a stay at the Manta Resort, which is a new getaway destination in Zanzibar that features a unique floating hotel that’s a few hundred feet offshore. Not only is this hotel...

SkullyHelmets 1 HelmetDesign

The Skully Helmet Mixes Good Ideas And Bad Ones


Motorcycling is dangerous. Take a doctor to a bar and he’ll pretty consistently refer to a Harley or a Kawasaki as a donorcycle, since motorcycle accidents tend to be a major source of transplant organs. So anything that reduces the risk is good, while anything that increases it is high....


Aeroscraft Brings Back The Blimp

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The rigid-frame airship went down in flames as a method of transport back in the 1930s. Literally: The Hindenberg disaster ensured that nobody would get on a blimp except to film a baseball game for years. Now, though, Aeroscraft is on the verge of making the airship economically viable. A...


Vacation in Luke Skywalker’s Childhood Tatooine Home

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If you’re looking for a unique and fun vacation spot, why not try Luke Skywalker’s Childhood Tatooine home, aka the Hotel Sidi Driss. While it may not really be located on Tatooine, it is a real hotel you can actually visit and stay at in Matmata, Tunisia. It’s actually the location...