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human transformer

Human Transformer Delights Kids (video)


It’s pretty to easy to excite kids and this human Transformer (captured in Ann Arbor, MI) definitely knows how to entertain! His Transformer costume (what seems to be a yellow Cadillac Escalade) and theatrics are some of the best we’ve seen, and we’re as impressed as those four kids are....

RC Transformer

Japanese RC Car Turns Into Dancing Transformer (video)


[GR]CaOlWhCXvNg[/GR] Made by Kenji Ishida, this Japanese RC car switches from sports car to a full-blown dancing robot in a few seconds! The dancing RC-turned-transformer robot wannabe even walks while in robot mode. When you want it to turn back int the little roadster from before, it easily does so...

Transformer Prime vs iPad

Apple iPad 2 VS. ASUS Prime Transformer


The upcoming ASUS Prime Transformer is perhaps the first tablet to really compete with the iPad in every way: build, design, power, and even price. So which is the best? Let’s take a look. Size The iPad is a 9.7″ tablet, and is 241x186x8.6mm. The Transformer Prime is larger, with...