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Japan Delivers A Maglev Train That Moves At 311 MPH


Japan is famous for its Shinkansen bullet trains, high-speed rail that can take anybody from one end of the country to the other with surprising speed. And the bullet trains are impressive technology, moving at 200 miles per hour through the country. But, like any other technology, they can be...


Back To The Future 3’s Time-Traveling Train LEGO Set


Big-time Back to the Future fan Masashi and awesome LEGO builder created the iconic old west time-traveling train from the third movie of the franchise. Despite the DeLorean being a fan favorite, Masashi created the LEGO set that’s electric and really works on LEGO train tracks. Currently, the set is only...


Model Railroading With Hornby Digital Sound Locomotives


Model railroaders will stop at next to nothing when it comes to immersion and realism.  I have always loved model railroading as a child and I was mildly interested when I came across the Hornby Digital Sound Toy Locomotives. Using digital samples that pump through the train’s speakers, the sounds...