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The CalypsoTag Is A Smarter Way To Tag Your Luggage


Frequent travelers and casual ones alike often find themselves dealing with lost luggage. Sometimes it’s at the wrong gate, sometimes it’s been stolen, sometimes it’s been shipped across the world on a magical journey that will not end until well after you’ve bought entirely new stuff just so you have...


Stores Are Starting To Track Your Cell Phone


We all know the risks of online shopping: We’ve heard horror stories about higher prices put in place for Mac users, and to clear your cookies and travel history when shopping around on travel sites because the prices will inflate. But that’s just because retailers want more information about you....


GS2000 Bluetooth Watch Is A Mixed Bunch Of Features


Watches that have too many functions are annoying. But if you throw in the ability to use a Bluetooth headset to listen to your watches’ FM radio, find out your GPS coordinates and send out an SOS signal to local emergency services, it becomes easier to forgive the rather bulky...


iPhone App: Track Your Carbon Footprint With Carbon Tracker


In the beginning of October 2008, we saw a Blackberry app (Carbon Diem) that tracks your carbon footprint based on GPS data.  Today, Clear Standards’ just released their version for the iPhone, the Carbon Tracker app.  Without looking too deeply into the technical parameters I’m assuming it, too, deduces carbon...