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Fitbit Surge Is A Superwatch, Features Built-In GPS


With the increase in popularity in smartwatches, specifically fitness trackers,  Fitbit is looking to expand their product line and will be launching three new fitness trackers in the next couple of weeks. The first two are the Charge and Charge HR, with both a revamped Force (which is no longer...


Misfit Flash Adds Style To Your Workouts


Not all sport trackers excel in the looks department. Sure, they’re job is to record your fitness data and sleep patterns and not win a fashion contest, but still, you’d like them at least to look good on your wrist, right? Misfit realized that people actually wanted stylish tech accessories...

BiKN Tracker

BiKN Device Tracker (video)


Those of the absent minded ilk will surely take solace in the BiKN.  It’s an iPhone case that can not only keep tabs on your gear, but helps you locate it in the event that you misplace the item in between a seat cushion or leave a set of keys...