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halo needler replica

The ‘Halo’ Needler is Now a Dart Gun


One of the best guns to use in the Halo franchise is the Needler, a rapid-firing, easy-to-pick-up-and-use piece of sci-fi weaponry that homes in on your targets. Now, the Needler has been translated into a toy dart gun for you to torture your dog with, minus the homing part. Debuted at the 2015 New...


Spider Glove Puts A Dart Launcher On Your Wrist


If you love Nerf, and since you’re reading this we’re assuming you do since even heartless machines find joy in Nerf, you probably long for more and cooler Nerf toys. Unfortunately, the Nerf organization can only put out so many weapons of mass destruction on a yearly basis. Fortunately, other...


Nerf Rhino-Fire Brings Two Barrels To Your Nerf Wars


We all love Nerf, even if it’s supposedly a secret love. The foam rubber darts, the suction-cups, the profound satisfaction of knowing that you can peg your coworker, family member, or fellow nerd between the eyes with a children’s toy… it’s a truly great thing. And, Nerf being Nerf, you...


See The Sabertron In Action (Video)


Recently, we told you about the new Kickstarter taking the nerd world by storm, Sabertron. But one thing we didn’t have was a demonstration of the Sabertron in action. Fortunately, this injustice has been corrected. Warriors Of The Foam First of all, a quick recap for those too lazy to...