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Ematic EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet Review


Android tablets may be commonplace but that doesn’t mean they’re all alike. The reason so many 7” tablets are available is that they cater to the differing needs of the consumer looking to buy them. So what makes the $69.99 Ematic’s EGD172 7” Dual-Core Multi-Touch Tablet stand out? That it...

Split X 2 Main

HP Split X 2 Review

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on’t be fooled — people aren’t moving away from notebooks in favor of tablets, but they ARE expecting the power of a notebook shouldn’t come at the expense of features only a tablet can provide. So the solution is to combine both notebook and tablet in one. That’s the idea...


Nokia Lumia 928 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (comparison)


As you may have seen, we caught the Nokia Lumia 928 lurking around the nervously fortified GR compound. So we quickly accosted the sucker, stripped it down and made the new Windows darling show us the money. It’s an eyeful too. Our initial impression showed a speedy device, with an...


Nokia Lumia 928 Unboxing and Impressions


Moving on from the candy-coated goodness of Android Jelly Bean, we now have a brand spanking new Windows 8 phone under the GR microscope. The good folks at Verizon have fired off a Nokia Lumia 928, which is proving to be quite the accomplishment from the company and Windows phone...

Samsung Galaxy S4_3

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


o it’s been a couple weeks since I spoke about the Samsung Galaxy S4. A lot has gone down in that short time. New variants of the S4 and HTC One have been reported and seen in the wild. But the biggest news is that Samsung has been forced to...