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HTC Touch Diamond 2 Goes On Sale


It wasn’t too long ago we heard about the next iteration of the HTC Touch Diamond, the Touch Diamond 2, and now it’s already making its way to retail stores, albeit in the UK.  Expansys UK has the phone for free if you sign up for a T-Mobile contract, otherwise...


Verizon HTC Touch Diamond Release Date Announced


Verizon will begin to sell the HTC Touch Diamond tomorrow for the price of $300 after a $70 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract signing.  In case you forgot – you know, because the HTC Touch Diamond has been out for like forever – it includes a 2.76-inch touchcsreen, Opera browser, 3.2MP...


HTC Drops More Bling, Unveils The Touch Diamond2


HTC didn’t stop with the refresh of the Touch Pro.  Nope, they updated the Touch Diamond today, reaching new heights in naming convention with the Touch Diamond2!  So what’ve they done to improve the Touch Diamond?  For starters, they’ve added a larger screen, now 3.2-inch with a WVGA resolution and...


HTC Touch Diamond Shows Up In White


Just in time for the holidays, and just like G1, HTC has added a Touch Diamond in white. Otherwise, specs should remain the same. Note that I couldn't find an official product page for the white variant, but did see it on the home page of HTC's site. Odd....

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