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toshiba satellite u505 touchscreen

Toshiba Satellite U505 Touchscreen Review – Part 2


I covered the initial impressions in my last review so let’s get right to the 13.3″ touchscreen. It’s a non-glossy matte screen so glare is pretty much not an issue. Fingerprints? Not a problem, unless you’re touching the screen with your grubby little hands after a late night KFC 14-piece...


Details And Pics Leak For Toshiba’s Record Setting 13-Inch Laptop


Details have leaked from VozExpress about an upcoming Toshiba notebook that’s gunning for the title of “world’s lightest 13-inch laptop,” with some innovative new battery and cooling technology to boot. The as-yet-unnamed notebook will come with the choice of a Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU that works in tandem...

toshiba satellite u505

Toshiba Satellite U505 First Impressions


Good day, all you GR fans. We got our hands on the new Toshiba Satellite U505 Touchscreen (literally) and here’s a few of our thoughts. My first impression after opening the nicely packaged box was, “holy five stacks of iPads, Batman!”, this thing is pretty thick! Then I realized it had a...

Toshiba Android Tablet

Toshiba Set To Intro Android Tablet Device, Name Unknown


Getting sick of tablet announcements yet? Me either! Toshiba joins the fray with an as-yet unnamed device running on Android. Jeff Barney, a general manager at Toshiba America, says the company is looking at different devices that will run either Windows 7 or Google’s OS Android. Form factors would vary,...

u500-1ex_toshiba laptop

Toshiba Announces U500-1EX Laptop With Touchscreen

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Toshiba is jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon….again.  That’s right, late last year they announced two touchscreen laptops (they’re actually updated laptops), the U505 and M505. This time around, though, it’s all new hardware.  The U500-1EX runs Windows 7, has a 13.3-inch 1280×800 touchscreen, 2.13Ghz Intel Core i3-330 processor, 4GB of...


You’ve Seen The Netbook–Now Try The Smartbook

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Qualcomm just yesterday introduced a whole new brand of Lenovo gadget that’ll blow your mind open.  Check this out. It’s called the smartbook, and it combines all the best features of a smart phone and a netbook.  Slimmer than most smart phones and able to fit in the palm of...


Toshiba Dynario: The First Ever Fuel Cell Gadget Charger


I’m stunned to be able to even discuss this, but apparently, Toshiba’s Dynario actually represents the first ever fuel-cell gadget charger. If you take a fuel cell filled with methanol and ambient oxygen, and inject it into a charger package about the size of your palm, the combination of methanol...