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Meet Honda’s 130 MPH Lawnmower


Yes, that’s the Stig. On a Honda lawnmower. Going 130 mph. Who says there’s no such thing as overkill in the landscaping industry? This is not a product you can swing by and pick up at the local hardware store, more’s the pity. Instead it’s a custom job commissioned by...

Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car

Rocket Man Vs. Rally Car (video)


BBC’s “Top Gear” automotive show is always pitting some of the world’s fastest cars against some unusual vehicles. For their episode 5,¬†¬†Richard Hammond races rocket-powered flying man Yves Rossy against a rally-spec Skoda. It’s an adrenaline-filled race that’s a must see! Check out the video to see who’s faster! [GR]2C4FYc31rcI[/GR]...