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Quip Ensures You’ll Never Forget A Toothbrush Again


Toothbrushes are something of a pain, at least in some ways. The actual brushing is easy, but remembering to do it twice daily, remembering to do it for at least two minutes, and so on, can be something of a chore. So, if you’d like better dental health, and you’re...


Grush Smart Toothbrush Trains Kids with Brushing Games


Grush, despite sounding like Groot’s younger cousin, is the latest smart toothbrush solution for kids who still need some training when learning how to keep their teeth white and cavity-free. While many smart toothbrushes simply play a simple song or offer only basic tracking, Grush the “gaming toothbrush” stands out by...


Oral-B Makes Your Toothbrush Smart (video)


Everything nowadays is becoming smart and connected and Oral-B now launched their “smart” toothbrush that connects to a special app on your phone via Bluetooth. Why would you want to track your toothbrushing habits? Well, first it’ll make you accountable for brushing twice a day and second, it’ll let you...

Sonicare Diamond Clean

Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush Review

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Sometime around the turn of the century I started using an electronic toothbrush.  I’ve never gone back to the manual version, and nor would I.  My teeth have never felt cleaner and my visits to the dentists are met with less agony.  Plus they’re quicker and I I’d like to...


Rinser Toothbrush Channels Water to Your Face (video)

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Bending over at the sink and scooping water into your mouth is about as difficult as turning the tap on.  Think about it – barbarians, cavemen, and everyone before inside plumbing existed, has resorted to this method of drinking from streams, lakes, and even stagnant pools of water.  But with...

Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer

Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer


It’s pretty obvious that we should sanitize our cell phones, right?  After all, we toss them down on tables or fiddle with them even when we’re on the can  (not the most pleasant of thoughts).  A toothbrush, though, is often over looked since we jam it in our mouth and...

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