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Dril Gun Screwdriver

Gun Drill Screwdriver: No One Will Screw with You


Next time that odd job around the house stares you smack in the face, you can now lay some serious kabosh on its ass with the Drill Gun Power Screwdriver. Okay, this things is rooted in complete novelty, not utility.  It’s just 3.6volts, so you won’t be hammering home big...


Knaxe: Axe with a Knife Hidden in a Magnetic Handle


When the reign of terror besieges your city you’ll wish you had purchased that Gerber Walking Dead Zombie Survival kit.  Okay, we get it.  For most the prospect of spending hundred of dollars on something you probably won’t ever use is not an appealing one.  Well, if you’re penchant for...

Deus Ex Machina tools

Deus Ex Machina x Makr Carry Goods Tool Roll


When Sydney’s motorcycle company Deus Ex Machina teamed up with Flordia’s Makr Carry Goods, what resulted was a pretty nifty and good looking (as well as limited edition) DEUSxMAKR Tool Rolls. Only 50 of these $149 tool rolls were made using #10 cotton duck Martexin waxed canvas and premium Horween...




The CRKT Tool designed by Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes was built to be the ultimate multi-tool! The two master knife-makers combined their talents for mechanical wizardry and efficiencies to create a multi-tool that not only is fully functional but also features a pretty innovative design. The CRKT Tool...

LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robot Lawnmower

LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robot Lawnmower (video)

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Shoving a lawn mower around is probably one of the last things we wanna do, especially when it’s hot and muggy during the summer months.  One option is to convert that lawn into a sand pit, which removes the need for biweekly cuttings as well as watering.  But that’s hardly...

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