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Gerber’s Downrange Tomahawk And Knife Are Built For Trouble


Gerber is well known for their edged tools, and the Downrange line looks to be an interesting addition to that legacy. Albeit the tomahawk Gerber has developed more than the knife, but both are pretty good. Knives Out Let’s start with the Downrange Knife. It’s a nice knife, but it’s...

Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools (video)


Bosse Tools wants to provide you with ergonomic tools and their 21st Century Shovel has been reinvented to make it easier to use. Their goal is to help you get more done in less time – while preventing you from getting injured. With traditional shovels, you can get a sore back, wrists,...


Watch Lighter Is The Closest You’ll Get To A Bond Gadget


It’s useful to have a lighter on your person, even though fewer and fewer of us actually smoke. Sometimes you need it to just cheat when you’re putting together a campfire. Sometimes you need it to get a grill lit. And sometimes you’re just an insane gadget and multitool fetishist...


Stayhold Keeps Everything In The Back Of Your Car In Place


If you’ve got a car, you’ve made a sharp turn and heard the unmistakable thumping sound of something falling over, and quite possibly spilling all over the carpet in your trunk. Centrifugal force is truly a harsh mistress. There is, however, a solution, and it’s surprisingly effective. Meet the Stayhold,...


Vipukirves Is An Ax, But Better


The ax seems like the kind of thing that doesn’t really need any modification. You’ve got a big, heavy, sharp thing on one end; a long, preferably smooth stick with some grip attached to it; and a human to bring it down on a log. But, in truth, we’re always...