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The MyKee Is A Multitool For Everyday Use


Multitools are incredibly useful things, and we should all have one on our keychains, hanging from our belts, or otherwise in our pockets. But they can also be space-consuming, heavy, or just not equipped with the stuff you need for the job. So if you want to strip it down,...


Craftsman Introduces The Sliding Adjustable Wrench


We all need wrenches. No matter who you are, or where you live, there are some nuts that need tightening. But adjustable wrenches can be obnoxious, as you spin the little wheel and try to get a decent grip, and ultimately give up, bust out the pliers, and hope for...


The Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure Gets Exact Measurements


If you’re a fussy person, like yours truly, you want not just good measurements, but exact ones. I admit to having driven my wife crazy on more than one occasion by following the rule of “Measure Twice, Cut Once” a little too religiously. But now, with Bosch’s new laser ruler,...


The Klax Puts An Axe In Your Pocket


If you’re outdoors for any extended period of time, you need an axe. That’s not just marketing hype, either; axes have been useful tools for humans for thousands of years. Of course, you can’t always just throw an axe into your duffel bag, or you may have weight concerns with...

node sensor

Have All The Sensors With The NODE Wireless Sensor


As technology expands, and our needs for data grow, we’re increasingly finding ourselves with more and more sensors available to us. But who needs a junk drawer full of technology, when you can just buy NODE, a platform for all the sensors? USE ALL THE SENSORS!!! NODE is fairly simple....


MyLIFTER Robot Pulley Gets The Job Done


There are people who organize by putting things on shelves… and then there are people who organize, by creating a place for everything, no matter how awkwardly shaped, heavy, or weird it is. These are people who can probably use a robotic pulley operated by a smartphone. Enter My LIFTER!...