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10 of the Most Effective Tools to Avoid Traffic (list)


Traffic is getting worse! According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s annual survey of U.S. metro area traffic, Washington D.C. ranked #1 for the most time spent in gridlock;  in 2011, drivers there spent 67 hours delayed in traffic, at a cost per vehicle of $1,398 in wasted productivity and 32 gallons...

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Burt and Ernie GPS (video)


[GR]cE4a_nqiurY[/GR] The stand alone GPS, you know, the thing you mount to your dashboard, is quickly becoming an antiquated device thanks to the likes of the iPhone and Android smartphones.  But that hasn’t stopped TomTom from fighting a good fight, despite their market cap getting slashed in half overnight when...


Best Deals Last Week: October 17th (list)


With plenty of sales over the last week it’s very clear how just about anyone could take advantage of the savings. Everything from Cameras to video game peripherals and Bluetooth Headsets have been graced with low prices, some of which the lowest we’ve ever seen. Here’s some of the best...

Nike Ready

Nike SportWatch GPS Keeps Government Eye On You


I’ve never been one for Nike+, the previously iPod-specific application that tracks running and exercise statistics. That may be because I’m not a runner, never have been, and probably will never be. It could also be because I don’t really want to know how long or how far I actually...


Sony And TomTom Not Joking Around With Navigations Systems


Sony teaming up with navigations systems industry leader TomTom sure sounds like some heavy artillery being pushed around. They promise the “ultimate package of technology, innovation and style”, a match-up of TomTom’s mobile navigation chops and Sony’s undeniable audio-video mastery. The new systems, XNV-770BT (7-inch widescreen display) and XNV-660BT (6.1-inch...

TomTom Go Live 1000

TomTom Go Live 1000 Goes Live


GPS units have pretty much hit the point of “do we really care”.  But alas I bend under the pressures of mediocrity and here I am posting on the Go Live 1000 from TomTom.  This is their first GPS to offer a capacitive touchscreen, which measure 4.3-inches.  It includes a...