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This Photo Of Tokyo Is Zoomable To A Shocking Degree


Take a look at that photo above. Seems pretty standard, right? Well, zoom in. And keep zooming. There’s an incredible degree of detail at work, and you won’t start appreciating it until you realize this camera captured not just a city but its people in exacting degree. The photo is...

TokyoFlash kisai maru watch-1

Tokyoflash Kasai Maru Watch is Very Iron Man (video)


In the market for a new watch?  Trying to avoid the the traditional analog or digital look?  Then look no further than Tokyoflash.  The company is widely know for producing some of the most confusingly hip watches. [GR]vBWEsV8Ii08[/GR] Created by a Tokyoflash fan is this Kisai Maru watch, which as...

Head Care Robot

Panasonic Shampoo Robot Testing in Tokyo Salon (video)

[GR]IROoXFz5dj0[/GR] Everybody knows the future is going to be filled with robots doing practically everything for us, including washing our hair. But that isn’t too far into the future now that Panasonic has created a shampoo robot that’s currently undergoing its first tests in Tokyo, Japan. Hair salon Super Hair...


Kororo Android–Tokyo Is The Uncanny Valley

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There are times when I look at the Japanese with a look of vague unease and alarm, because they’re doing things out there that push the boundaries of science and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. And today, they prove their love for giving me the ever-loving blue-eyed CREEPS...