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pure fresh toilet

Ditch Bathroom Spray With KOHLER’s Purefresh Deodorizing Toilet Seat

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Bathroom spray is as essential in a bathroom as toilet spray. It’s the only thing keeping your bathroom fresh after countless flushes. KOHLER knows how important bathroom spray is and deduced to incorporate it into one of their toilets. As a leader in broom technology, their new Purefresh toilet seat...


The Fresh Air Plus Toilet Seat Airs Out Your Dirty Business


Just because everybody does it, doesn’t mean everybody needs to smell it is my motto! For those who live with others who don’t always use air freshener after they do their business in the bathroom comes this ingenious toilet seat that comes with its very own built-in fan! The Fresh...

KOHLER Touchless Flush Kit

Kohler’s New Kit Provides Hands-free Flushing Upgrade for Only $100

Self-flushing toilets are pretty popular in a lot of public restrooms and now you can have that convince in your own home thanks to Kohler’s Touchless Toilet Technology. Unlike other self-flushing toilets at restaurants, movie theaters, etc that use beam-based technology that detect the smallest of movements, Kohler’s new system...

Kohler's Numi Toilet

Kohler’s Numi Toilet Has Whopping $6,650 Price Tag


For those that really relish their restroom trips, why not be entertained why on throne? For those who done’t mind dropping $6,650, Kohler’s Numi toilet is the throne for them! Besides its traditional functions, the quite expensive toilet come with lots of innovative features that you would never think would...

Drinking Toilet Bowl

Toilet Water Bowl…for Dogs

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Well, isn’t this adorable.  We all know how much you love your pet, but the last thing you really want your pooch or favorite feline doing is drinking from the toilet bowl.  It’s not entirely clear why animals like toilet water, but our best guess is that it’s instinctual, since...

numi toilet

Numi Super Toilet from Kohler Comes with a Touchscreen Remote (video)


Got a toosh that needs some serious pampering?  Than look no further than Kohlers Numi, an ultra lux toilet that costs $6,400.  The lid stays closed and opens automatically when it’s time for you to take your turn on the throne of all thrones. The included touchscreen remote allows you...


Piss Quieter Regardless Of Eurethra Size With The Pee Without Noise Stool


We’ve all experienced a really loud piss.  Believe it or not, this is a real product.  To help bring down the volume on your urination styles, these little stools effectively bring your stream down to a more acceptable noise level.  The picture above pretty much details the elaborate process and...

eco-otome-toilet mask

Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker Is


And now for some poop talk.  Every take a dump in a public place and feel a bit too squeamish to hammer out that last turd due to embarrassment?  Well if the beginning of my post hasn’t grossed you out on this wonderful Friday afternoon, then you’ll be pleased to...


EZ Toilet Flusher Pedal Is Perfect For The Old And Germaphobes

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During my first trip to Mexico I was very pleased to find that most of the urinals were outfitted with foot pedals.  Wow, Mexico, which is kind of considered a developing nation has a better resolve for urinal flushing than the all powerful America, unheard of?!  Now that very same...


Multi Layered Toilet Seat: One For Each Family Member


Growing up and sharing a bathroom with my sister was a funny experience.  Why so you ask?  On more than one occasion I forgot to lower the seat, or in her case she forgot to lower the seat and fell in.  The conceptual Toilet Pages wouldn’t necessarily solve the aforementioned...


Urilift: Pop Up Public Toilet, VH1 Not Involved (video)


Laugh all you want, but the Urilift Pop Up Pisser is no joke.  It’s marketed as a urinal for, well, I’m gonna say night time peeing, when the sight of a 3 urinal get up in the middle of the street is less of an eye sore.  It’s also ideal...