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Thrusmaster's T-Freestyle NW

Thrustmaster Intros Budget Friendly RIDE Experience


Ok, I’ll be honest, best I can suss out from the press release is that Thrusmaster’s T-Freestyle NW gaming board is a piece of wood with rubber bumpers that works in concert with the Wii Balance Board to produce a RIDE like experience for current and soon to be released...


Thrustmaster Announces Ferrari Licensed Gamepads


For all you Ferrari freaks out there, your gaming day has finally arrived.  Just announced from Thrustmaster, comes four limited and exclusive edition Ferrari licensed gamepads for the PC and PS3.  To make the limited edition ones that much more exclusive, each pad is numbered so the collector can be...


ThrustMaster To Release New Tennis Duo Pack For The Wii


I guess you could really fit anything onto a Wii controller.  When’s the lightsaber coming?  Thrustmaster, sounding like it could be a different line of products is releasing the Tennis Duo Pack for the Wii.  Featuring real strings and a pro style grip, the Tennis Duo Pack will be available...