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The Tactical Necktie Is Now A Reality!


Every year, Thinkgeek rolls out a bunch of satirical products on April 1st, and every year, it’s a delight. And increasingly, the response is voluble enough that ThinkGeek actually lays down the money and makes some of its “fake” products a reality. So it is with the Tactical Necktie. Tacticool...

Stormtrooper lounger

Get Some R&R In The Stormtrooper Lounger


Nothing beats lazy days at home, laying on the couch and catching a Star Wars marathon on TV. Too bad it doesn’t happen everyday because if it did, we’d practically live in the Stormtrooper Lounger ($69.99) from ThinkGeek! Seriously, it’s the perfect outfit to complement a day doing nothing but...

nerf nuke

ThinkGeek’s April Fools Products Do Not Disappoint


It’s a grand tradition on the website ThinkGeek that every April Fool’s day, they debut new “products” that, as you might have guessed, are fake. Although sometimes, they do actually become real. That’s unlikely for this year’s crop of fakes, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. Star Trekkin’...


The ThinkGeek Maternity T-Shirt Tells It Like It Is


When a woman gets pregnant, inevitably she gets a few novelty items among the actually useful stuff. There’s always somebody who’s got to take the opportunity for a small joke. So, you might as well prevent getting five different versions of the “baby with an arrow” t-shirt off at the...


Be Nostalgic With The iRecorder


Long before iPhones, iPads and MP3 players was the cassette. It was an innovative device in the 80s that continued on to the early 90s before the CD desolated it. Now you can go down memory lane with your own retro cassette player…but this a new-school twist! The Retro Cassette...

tactical holiday stocking

Tactical Holiday Stocking Made for Manly Men


Stockings are usually holiday-themed decorated with snowflakes, Santa, reindeer and all other sorts of iconic Christmas decorations. But for those looking for a more rugged, manly stocking comes the Tactical Holiday Stocking. You won’t see any cutesy holiday images on this all-black stocking, making it perfect for any soldier, sailor,...